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Middle School Sound Activities

Developed for the AAPT/PTRA Leadership Training

July 26, 2011

The following lessons have all been tested with students and reviewed by experienced middle school teachers, middle school curriculum experts and physics education researchers.
Sound and Music
Pre/post conceptual test of sound and music
The science of music unit (This unit is designed to use all 3 lessons):
Sound rather than Sight
Echolocation and SONAR
            Speed of Sound
            Identification from a distance
            Fish finding game
            Extension: 3-D Location
Echolocation - How Dolphins Use Sound
Echolocation Wrap-Up
Echolocation pre/post conceptual quiz
Sound Lab using LabPro
Sound Lab using Xplorer GLX
Clicker questions for sound

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Introducing the Activity:

Classroom Activity:

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Optional Extensions:



Leaping Dolphins