Your Voice

What You Need


Here's What You Do:

  • Hold your fingers against the front of your throat and say Aaaaah. Notice the vibration against your fingers.
  • Change the sound to an Oooooh. Then to an Eeeeee. What do you notice with your fingers as you listen? How about your mouth? 
  • Would you say the different vowels are made differently by your throat or your mouth?

Now try this:

  • Try Ssssss, not Esssss. Does your throat vibrate? What is vibrating?
  • How about Ffffff or Zzzzzz? What is vibrating?

Other things to try:

  • Vary the tone of the Aaaaah sound from low to high and back again. How do the vibrations change in your throat?
  • Hold your hand to your throat while speaking. Pitch varies with the emphasis given to different words. The last words of a question, for example is at a higher pitch.

Musical instruments and our voices use the same basic principles of vibration (plucking a string, blowing on a reed or your vocal chords).

Activity DOCs and PDFs:



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